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A Decade of Backstage Gifting

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Hi! This is Tricia Kent founder of Backstage Divas. I'm here to share my story with you and share some memorable moments of backstage gifting over the past decade. Backstage Divas was created after my oldest daughter, Megan, launched a clothing line called "Love Gone." The line was launched because of my divorce from her dad - she used "Love Gone" as a means of turning a negative into a positive when she was just 10. Being a publicist, I knew the power of influencer and celebrity marketing and wanted to merge influencer marketing with my love for music. Megan is now 20 and although she decided to take a break from "Love Gone," Backstage Divas is still providing gifting services, nearly a decade later.

I've had the amazing opportunity to gift many of my favorites musical influencers including Halestorm, Shinedown, Three Days Grace, Godsmack, Motionless in White, Atreyu, Adelitas Way, Art of Dying, Pop Evil, Seether, Nonpoint, Sevendust, Alter Bridge, Otherwise, Sick Puppies, HELLYEAH, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Saving Abel, Avatar, Theory of a Deadman, Stone Sour, Trivium, Falling in Reverse, The Used, Staind, Volbeat, Papa Roach, Saliva, Rival Sons, Glorious Sons, Escape the Fate, Badflower, POD, Device, Hollywood Undead, Steel Panther, Gemini Syndrome, All That Remains, Fozzy, Candlebox, Powerman5000, Killswitch Engage, Blue Stones, Underoath, Bush, Drowning Pool, Indestructible Noise Command, and many more.

I try and walk away from every event with great memories, it's actually not difficult as every single event I've covered, something memorable happens. My team and I love all of the bands that we've met over the years, they've all been gracious - certain ones definitely stand out. If you're willing to read, I'd love to share some of my most memorable moments with you. The list is not in order of who we love the most, just flowing as I'm writing. I'm also including my favorite songs by each band mentioned - they're my favorite songs, so feel free to comment yours.

The first time I met Lzzy with Halestorm, she accidentally spilled ginger ale all over me. Of course, Lzzy felt terrible, however, I thought it was hilarious and still do. I've always appreciated Halestorm as Arejay used to wear "Love Gone" after we gifted him with pieces from the line a few years ago at our very first 101.1 WJRR EarthDay Birthday, EDBD19! Our favorite songs by Halestorm include "I Am the Fire," "Here's to Us," "Amen," and "Dear Daughter."

If you've never had the opportunity to meet the guys from Art of Dying, I highly suggest you do so. When I say I adore these guys, I mean it. Art of Dying was probably the first band to support "Love Gone," with Tavis often wearing his t-shirt mocked up to his own style, cut into a tank top. Megan was up for Shark Tank a few years ago and Tavis pulled in Cale as well as Arejay and created a really fun video with them all wearing "Love Gone." I'll never forget this and will always support them and their music. Thank you, Tavis! My favorite songs by Art of Dying are definitely "Die Trying," "Best I Can," and "Get Through This." Speaking of Tavis, he's now also playing for another band that I adore - Adelitas Way. Super nice guys, all of them! My favorite songs from Adelitas Way include "Invincible," "Alive," "Sick," and "What It Takes." PS: if you happen to post an IG story about Adelitas Way, Rick is really good about sharing it to the band's page. Don't forget to tag them!

Nonpoint all the way! We've met and gifted Nonpoint a few times over the past decade! We've had so much fun with these guys over the years. Elias went out of his way to call me not long ago and offer advice about a business idea I have, which is coming soon! This is one of my favorite pics of Elias from a few years ago with Every Man Jack. My favorite songs by Nonpoint include "Breaking Skin," "Wheel Against Will," and "Fix This."

Another of my favorite memories include Brian with Gemini Syndrome. We covered the no-longer Kink Festival a few years ago and I brought both of my daughters. My youngest was just 8 years old at the time and was really bored sitting on a couch in the private acoustic section backstage. Every time she would get up from the couch to do something (probably a cartwheel), Brian would jump in her spot on the couch. It was hilarious and very sweet! Brian, I'm sure you don't remember this, however, it will always stick out in my mind. A huge thanks for entertaining an 8-year-old at a concert that she had zero desire to be at. My favorite songs by Gemini Syndrome include "Remember We Die," "Sorry Not Sorry," and "Pleasure and Pain."

Jumping to Kink Festival the next year with Evanescence and HELLYEAH. I brought my youngest again to this festival as the only person she wanted to meet was Amy. Amy came back to the gifting area, we chatted, I gave her some swag and she left, without having met my youngest. My youngest looks at me with tears in her eyes and I yelled for Amy to come back which resulted in the picture below. Thank you, Amy! That night, Tom with HELLYEAH gave my youngest a fist bump as they exited the stage from their set. My favorite songs by Evanescence and HELLYEAH include "Bring Me to Life," "My Immortal," "Moth," and "Hush."

I love Sick Puppies, with Shim and now with Brian. Shim and Mark both wore "Love Gone" on stage after being gifted with the line years ago. Brian is super humble, sweet and awesome! Brian gave me some great advice on the company that I'm launching soon, which was very much appreciated. We had not seen Shim in a few years until EarthDay Birthday 26 where he vaguely remembered meeting Megan, you know when she was 10, but it was so much fun seeing him again. The guys from Pop Evil are awesome too! Thanks, Leigh and Shim for taking the time to take this with us - it's now one of my all-time favorites! My favorite songs by Sick Puppies and Pop Evil include "Maybe," "You're Going Down," "Be Legendary," and "100 In A 55."

As I'm ending this and getting ready to welcome in 2020, I'd also like to thank all those who have helped me in the past decade with gifting and those who have made it possible by allowing me/us to do what we love! Rick, AJ, Mel, Josh, LT, Supa, Nick, Shawn, LT, Chad - thank you!! To Tara, Colleen, Joe, Donna, Allison, Jason, Susan, Ben, Bryan, Scott, Megan, Steve, and Alexandria - I thank you!! To all those I may have accidentally left out, I thank you too! Cheers to 2020!

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Unknown member
Jun 05, 2021

We're always honored that you allow us to help and enjoy this journey. To many more great experience ahead.

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