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The Backstage Divas Chat with Jared of Dirty Heads

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Tricia Kent with The Backstage Divas caught up with Jared of the Dirty Heads before their tour hit Florida and specifically, Cocoa Riverfront Park.


TBD: How long have you been on the road in support of 'Sound of Change'?


Jared: This year, we took a different approach. This year we didn't want to overdue it. We actually made a decision to do festivals up until the summertime and then one big tour in summer with Slightly Stoopid. After this big tour in summer, we'll probably start writing in winter time.


TBD: Did you guys ever end up going to Jamaica to record the strictly raggae EP?


Jared: Yeah, we're still talking about it. I personally like albums, I like pieces of work altogether. At the same time, if you have three really good songs, put them up on itunes and let people buy them. If we write cool songs, let's put them up as we go. Definitely think we need a change of scenery as it comes to the studio. So, we're thinking going down to Miami, go to the Keys, go to Hawaii.


TBD: How is this album different from your prior albums?


Jared: The writing process was 100% different. Usually, we start out with as many ideas as people have. On this one, we were like hey none of the 30 starts or whatever, we have a vision, we want the quality control to be high. Everybody in the room had to be absolutely be freaking out. Starts wouldn't even get through the door. The quality control was really high. It was cool to do that because there was nothing left on the cutting room floor.


TBD: Of the four albums that you guys have done, which of those albums resonate the most with you?


Jared: To be honest, it's probably always going to be the newest one. Right now, it's Sound of Change because this is where I'm in the my life, this was what I was writing about. There are songs from each album that I love. Right now, I'm still super stoked on Sound of Change.


TBD: Anything else you'd like to say?


Jared: That's what we love about FL. We don't need to try and pump up Florida and give them some reason to come see us. Florida has had mad love for us since day one. We know these shows are going to be nuts; everyone is family.


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